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What's NOT Wrong?

Aug 12

Do you have a special place?  A favorite place?  One you enjoy visiting again and again?  Or one you don’t get to often enough but wished you could?  I do.  I just got back from it.  It’s our family...

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Chalice Class This Week

Aug 15

Let's Discuss! Title: Maternity Leave Focus: In June, Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, became the first woman in history to take maternity leave while an elected head of state. What is the importance of maternity leave? What...

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Blanket Sunday offering August 19 and 26

Aug 17

A blanket is an essential item in an emergency. After a disaster, it can keep you warm, provide shelter (as a temporary tent) and even become a satchel for carrying your belongings. Blankets also symbolize God's love as they cover us and protect...

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