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New Artwork in Friendship Center

The ending statement in last week’s minister’s column read, humility will draw each of us nearer to Christ.  In that spirit the amazing capstone of our church’s 2016 renovation is finally installed in the Friendship Center and ready to help us do just that - draw nearer to Christ.   After nearly two years of collaboration, Artist Teresa Camozzi ( of the San Francisco area has created a one-of-a-kind work of art specifically for Central.   One of Teresa’s core beliefs is that “the beauty of nature lifts us toward a higher state of spirituality” and, hopefully, that is transmitted to each of us when we look up at our powerful addition.

We hope that the mixed media, multi-dimensional artwork invites everyone to stop, look up and interpret the piece for themselves.  The goal of the artwork was to be religious in nature, but not necessarily overtly religious.  We wanted the artwork to draw observers in by its use of symbols which, by definition, can be interpreted broadly.  That said, when you look at the artwork, you may recognize the foundations of our Disciples’ faith in the individual panels as well as the collective layers of the artwork.  Take time to “see” the deconstructed communion table - images of wood, wheat and grapevines – conveying one of our core Disciples’ beliefs that all are welcome here.   You may find that the water image is representative of baptism or cleansing or the essence of all life.  You might see the dove as the descending Holy Spirit; the “cellular” motif as the basic building blocks of all life, or possibly as stones in a path that the cross calls us to follow; and the clouds as creation or openness.  Whatever your individual interpretation, we hope the artwork helps you to “draw nearer to Christ” again and again.

We look forward to celebrating the artwork with a church-wide dedication in the near future.

On behalf of the Artwork Committee, comprised of Pamela Bednar, Donna Dash, Steve Funk, Suzie Miller, Mary Jane Oliver and ourselves, we thank you all for your support and prayers throughout this faith-filled process.

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Preschool News

We shook things up a bit this week in the preschool wing.

Monday the students all enjoyed some soccer activities with Coach Sef from MidState Soccer Club.  This is his 3rd year to return to Central to work/play with our students, thanks to a fantastic anonymous donor who continues to make sure that our children get this opportunity.

This was/is also Parent-Teacher Conference week. School remains in session while the teachers each take a day to meet with parents.  My assistant Paula and I become the teachers for the designated classroom. 

Mrs. Renfro decided to extend her camping week out a little longer. Her students enjoyed a few more days of bear hunting!  

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