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Back to the Basics


It’s time for another school year to begin!  As our students take another step on their educational journey, we will be going “Back to School” at Central Christian.  For the next six (6) weeks, we will be offering a sermon series called Back to the Basics with the goal of taking the next step on our spiritual journey.

Week by week we will move our way through the bible, beginning… well… at the beginning (Genesis) and concluding with the end (Revelation).  Each Sunday will be constructed on a major theme evident in scripture and will reveal how God is with us from creation to the culmination of salvation history.  The whole of scripture is the story of a people trying to find their way back home.  And on every step of that journey, God is with us.  Whether you are brand new to church and Christianity, a long-time veteran of sermons and bible studies (or somewhere in-between), we think there will be something that helps all of us grow in faith. 

And be on the lookout for a Six-Week Bible Study, that accompanies this series called “Bible 101,” to begin the week of September 10

August 19 “Alongside”

God comes alongside us in the Law and the Prophet

August 26 “With”

God is with us in worship and in community

September 2 “Toward”

God comes toward us in Jesus Christ

September 9 “Through” and “In”

Through faith we are in Christ

September 16 “From”

We are sent from Christ to be his witnesses

September 23 “Out”

The church is called out to be the Body of Christ in the world

Blessings – Michael

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Chapel Renovation is Complete!

Over a year ago, we began a renovation of the Flewelling Chapel.  While the majority of work was completed long ago, the final remaining light fixtures were installed over the altar last week, making the renovation officially complete!  The new look is a fresh take on the traditional chapel design.  It remains, however, a peaceful place to find retreat and rest from a busy world.  Please feel free to spend quiet moments of mediation and reflection there, as your schedule allows it, whether on Sundays or throughout the week.


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