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Important Deacons Meeting on January 21    

At 12 noon today, Sunday January 21, all Deacons are invited to a Deacons meeting in the Great Hall.  This is for both new and returning deacons.  There will be a chance to review serving and preparing procedures for new deacons.  Additionally, the purpose of the meeting is to:

  •  Review procedures and make sure things are going well
  • Invite feedback for anything that could be improved
  • Inform deacons about a change in the way the elders will be taking communion to those in their homes / long-term care facilities.

Again, this is for all new and returning deacons and we don’t suspect the meeting will last more than an hour.  There will not be a meal served for this meeting, but we anticipate being done at a time that allows everyone to keep their normal lunch plans.      


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