Fee Schedule

Wedding Policy

Central Christian Church

Fee Schedule

(revised July, 2014)


                                                                   Members                  Non-Members

Facility                                                           $0.00                         $500.00

Organist +                                                    $250.00                    $250.00

Coordinator                                                 $200.00                    $200.00

Sound & Lighting tech                              $50.00                      $50.00

Minister                                                        $200.00                    $200.00

Preparation materials (*)                         $50.00                      $50.00

Custodian                                                     $100.00                    $100.00

Damage deposit                                         $200.00                    $200.00

Note: damage deposit is refundable


+ Optional (our organist has the right of first refusal.  But if you choose to bring in an outside musician to play the piano or another instrument, that is negotiable with the presiding minister.)

(*) For the pre-marriage one-day seminar

Note: one (1) check can be made out to “Central Christian Church” in the amount of 200.00 which will count as a deposit toward the total cost.  A second (2nd) check can be made out for the balance 10 days before the wedding.