Campus Usasge Policy Weddings

Central Christian Church

Decatur, IL

Campus Usage Policy


Central Christian Church (CCC) is first and foremost a place of worship.  At all times, throughout the campus, everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.  CCC reserves the right to ask anyone not abiding by this expectation to leave the premises.


All buildings on the campus are smoke-free.  Smoking, therefore, is not allowed in any of the buildings.

Alcohol is not permitted on the campus.  Anyone partaking of alcohol on the premises will be asked to leave (Note: this includes members of the wedding party).

Wedding party (including bride and groom) will not be allowed in the building more than three (3) hours prior to the wedding ceremony unless otherwise authorized by CCC staff.

Food or drink is allowed in the meeting space assigned, only in designated areas.  When the event is finished, all food and drink must be thrown away or removed from premises.

CCC is not responsible for any personal accidents or injuries incurred, or damage sustained by personal property on church grounds.

If the ministerial staff of CCC determines that any of the above described guidelines are not observed, CCC reserves the right to revoke the privilege of using CCC’s campus for meeting purposes.

We have read the above-described policy and agree to adhere to it. 

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