Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy

Central Christian Church

(revised August, 2012)


All fees are due ten (10) days before wedding.

A copy of CCC campus usage policy must be signed by both bride and groom.

Arrangements for access and use of the building both for rehearsal and wedding is to be negotiated with lead custodian.

CCC nursery may be used and must be staffed by CCC nursery staff.  CCC will take care of scheduling nursery staff.  The fee for using nursery is $40.00 (two hour minimum for two nursery aides at $10.00 / hour).

Must participate in a one-day wedding workshop sponsored by CCC.

Must attend worship at CCC at least four (4) times prior to wedding.

Must attend pre-marital planning sessions with CCC presiding minister prior to wedding.  (Note: the number of meetings is determined by the presiding minister)

Dates will not be reserved on the church calendar without $200.00 deposit given.  This can be done in the form of a check made out to “Central Christian Church” and can serve as the refundable damage deposit.

If you wish to have an outsider minister officiate, one of Central’s ministers must be a co-officiant.

I understand the CCC wedding policy and agree to abide by it

Signed (bride) ________________________________________ Date ________

Signed (groom) ________________________________________ Date _______

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