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Simple Praise – A Thanksgiving Prayer

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On a recent Sunday Central’s chancel choir sang Simple Praise, an anthem commissioned by Central in 2005 “to the glory of God and to honor the memory of Albert P Johnson,” who for many years sang tenor in the choir.

For a canvas of colors, for a concert of sound;

for the unfolding seasons, the earth spinning round.

For the birth of each sunrise, for the sky set ablaze;

for these simple gifts, we give simple  praise.


Simple praise for the Giver, and thanks to the One

who has given us breath, and given His Son.

To the Giver of blessings for all of our days,

for these simple gifts, we give simple praise.


For the love of a mother, for the touch of a hand,

for the deeper emotions we can’t understand.

For the lessons we learn from the trials we face,

for these simple gifts, we give simple praise.


The heart of the Giver, the hand of the One

from whom every blessing of living has come;

for measureless merry and limitless grace,

 for these simple gifts we give simple praise.



Reflecting on the anthem’s words, choir member Connie Bordner offers this prayer:

Gracious God,

With Thanksgiving coming quickly, are we showing how very thankful we are for simple gifts?

     Let us be thankful that weird old Aunt Alice will be joining us for dinner, and say a prayer for the person who is spending their first Thanksgiving without their spouse, or a sibling or their grandparent.

     When we are standing in the store upset because the brand we always use is gone, let us remember to say a prayer for the person at the food pantry who is grateful for whatever they can get.

     If we are tempted to argue with others about our incompetent leaders and the moral decay all around us, may we instead say a prayer for the millions of people who are denied that privilege.

     And most of all, Lord, open our hearts to recognize every simple gift and to thankfully lift simple praise.

     Instill in us grateful hearts, and may we never hesitate to loudly proclaim our praise to others.  For we ask it in Jesus' name.  Amen

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Service opportunities at Good Samaritan Inn 2023

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     Central Christian Church has reserved six Saturdays during 2023 to prepare and serve lunch at Good Samaritan Inn:

 January 21

March 18

May 13

July 8

September 9

November 11

     On each of these dates Central will provide the food, and Central volunteers take full responsibility for preparing and serving lunch for Good Samaritan diners. If you can help, please note the dates and watch for a sign-up opportunity closer to each date. On each of these Saturdays, workers are needed 8 a.m.-10:30 a.m. to prepare the meal and 11 a.m. -1 p.m. to serve lunch. Volunteers also shop for the needed grocery supplies one or two days in advance.

     If you would consider helping and would like to know more about what is involved, talk with co-chairs Dave Wagner or Shirley Swarthout.

     The Good Samaritan Inn serves a hot, nutritious mid-day meal to all those who need it seven days a week, year-round. All are welcome; no questions asked.

     New volunteers are always welcome!

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