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Faith Quest, March 4th


This past weekend at Faith Quest – March 4 – our youth learned about baptism and forgiveness. These would be the third and fourth fingers of the Five Finger Exercise (5 steps on the path of salvation). So far, we’ve covered the first 4 – Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Forgiveness. Next up??? The Holy Spirit! Given the crazy, wintery weather we had the day before, David Martin had the idea of playing a crazy Christmas elf-hat game. Once again, our three Faith Quest youth are Gabbi Morelli, Parker Witts, and Veda Redden. Enjoy the pictures.

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Great News to Share!

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Central is blessed beyond measure with children and families in our church! You may not see all of them on a Sunday morning, but they are filling our nursery, Sunday School classes, and worship services – especially at the 9:15 service, where we have recently added a Time for All God’s Children.
It’s a joy to share this great news with you. I would also like to ask you to consider helping me with three things:
1.  We are ready to hire someone to join our nursery staff. Please keep your eyes and ears open and let me know if you know of anyone interested.
2.  Please think about volunteering by taking a turn to work with our staff in the church nursery or helping in Sunday School.
3.  Will you commit to praying with me for the people who will step forward to serve in these ways AND also to pray for our children and families?
God has blessed us abundantly with these dear children and families. Let’s show them how much we love them by serving them well. You can reach me for questions at ( , 309-645-9845).
Blessings, Pastor Vicky

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Faith Quest 2023 Underway

Three (3) youth are currently taking the Faith Quest class that prepares them for a confession of faith and baptism! They are Parker Witts (David York), Veda Redden (Ashley Swallow), and Gabbi Morelli (Gretchen Kirby). Their Faith Companions are listed in parentheses.



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Out of sight but not out of mind...

We have several young adults from our church who are away from home at school. Would you like to help the church keep in touch with them so they know they are still in our hearts? Please reach out to David Martin at  or Gretchen Kirby at if you would like to help with this ministry or have any questions.