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You Are sermon series

Beginning this Sunday, August 16, and continuing through September 20, our sermon series will focus on the words “You” and “Are.” “You are...” are two very powerful words that can have long-lasting negative or positive effects on our growth as people – and as people of faith. In the world, negative “You are...”-phrases in everyday conversation and on social media, exclude and  divide people from one another. The words of Christ, however, use these same words to show that God’s intention is to draw us inclusively toward God and bring us more closely and directly to one another.


August 16            You Are: an Introduction        Matthew 16:13-16

August 23            You are Salt                                                Matthew 5:13

August 30            You are Light                                   Matthew 5:14-16

September 6       You are Valuable                          Matthew 6:25-26

                                                                                       Hebrews 2:5-7

September 13 You are a Royal Priesthood          I Peter 2:9-10

September 20 You are The Kingdom                    Luke 17:21


Additionally, for each day of the series (8/17-9/19) we are encouraging everyone to read through the Sermon on the Mount. This is Jesus’ first main sermon and provides the context for the first three sermons in the series. Each week in The Visitor, we will list the scriptures for the coming week. You can chart your progress by initialing every day that you read the assigned            verses. There is no bible reading assigned for Sunday. Your Sunday “assignment” is attending worship (online or in person).


Sermon on the Mount Daily Readings


8/17       Matthew 5:1-6                _______


8/18       Matthew 5:7-12 _______


8/19       Matthew 5:13-16 _______


8/20       Matthew 5:17-20 _______


8/21 Matthew 5:21-26 _______


8/22 Matthew 5:27-30 _______


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