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Mailing in Gifts

The entire congregation thanks you for your continued financial support of Central during this time of isolation and distant worshiping.  Presently, offerings are counted twice a month. As one member of the offering counting team, I want to offer a suggestion that may save both time and expense. Many write separate checks for different purposes in making contributions to Central. Likewise, some use a     separate check for each week’s offering. This is fine and you are welcome to continue your preferred method of tracking your giving.  But you are also welcome to write just one check for different purposes or for multiple weeks’ giving.  The church only asks that the distribution of your gift be reflected on your offering envelope (or memo line of your check) or on a note sent with your gift.  Again, thank you for your continued support. I hope and pray we will soon be worshiping together.

Stay Safe, Doug Soebbing

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Weekly Video Schedule

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Michael has regularly posted short video devotionals most mornings of the week on the church’s Facebook page. In recent weeks the “morning devotional time” has also included meditations from Tina and Don, as well as songs from the praise band. These video devotionals (both spoken and sung) have met with widespread interest and will be continued in the weeks ahead, but with a new schedule.  It will be as follows:

Sunday morning: online worship

Monday morning: off

Tuesday morning: music video by the praise band

Wednesday morning: devotional from Michael

Thursday morning: music video from the choir/ensemble from traditional worship

Friday morning: devotional from Tina or Don

Saturday morning: devotional (preview of coming Sunday worship) from Michael

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