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Notice Before Events

During the holidays and other important seasons in the church’s life, it gets a little busy behind our doors. We could use some help. If you are planning an event at the church, we would request that you give our staff three days’ notice  regarding the setup of your event. There is a setup form available in the office that tells our caretakers how you would like your event set up. (e.g. how many tables and chairs you need, the arrangement, etc.) Remember, we have some new caretakers, so setup forms need to be descriptive (not just “like last year”). Giving us advance notice allows us to help serve you better and makes things go more smoothly. We would appreciate it, and we thank you in advance for helping us help you!


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Caregiver Helpful Info

The Macon County Health Department sends out a Caregiver Advisory Newsletter which contains news and information for those who are caregivers. It has a list of support groups and meeting times. This newsletter is available on the circular desk in the Welcome Center.


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