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Stewardship Corner 13

Stewardship Corner- An FYI - giving statements will be mailed this week via USPS. This statement will include all gifts received through October 31st. If you have any questions regarding your statement, please contact the church office.

Nominating Committee Report 2020

Early every December we vote as a congregation to approve both the Nominating Committee’s report as well as the proposed operating budget for the coming year. On Sunday December 13, we will have a drive-through congregational vote. According to our congregation’s by-laws, we are to publish the Nominating Committee’s report in The Visitor two weeks prior to the meeting.  It is also important for us to make copies of the proposed budget available. This year, copies of the budget can be found inside the West Entrance doors. Feel free to stop by the church and pick one up.  What follows is the Nominating Committee’s report – the proposed list of trustees, elders and deacons with terms of service   beginning on 2021. 

Officers: President: Brett Swallow

Vice President: Kim Maple

Secretary: Sandy Garver

Treasurer: Steve Swarthout

Elders: Jeannie Backes, Jan Dobbs, Gretchen Kirby, Diana Ritter, Matthew Swarthout, David York

Trustees: Pamela Bednar, Pat Penhallegon


1) Tom Ritter, class of 2021-2023

2) Due to the fact that during the pandemic customary communion practices have been altered, the Nominating Committee proposes that all deacons (with the exception of Jon French, Seth Martin, Mark Beal, Kathy Kauzlarich, Janet Lyman, Yvonne Purcell, Al Fagin, Chris Fagin, Julie Martin and Bobby Munos) be extended for one extra year.  This means the class of 2020 now becomes the class of 2021, the class of 2021 becomes the class of 2022 and the class of 2022 becomes the class of 2023.  Those exceptions (in italics) will continue in their existing class. Blessings… Michael

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