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Security changes

Building Security Changes to Begin March 1

Given the attacks on houses of worship in recent years and following the advice of different law enforcement personnel in Decatur, we will be implementing a change to our Sunday morning routine beginning March 1.  Currently, all the doors to the building are unlocked on Sundays throughout all worship services.  However, the easiest step we can take in making our building more secure is to keep all but the bare minimum of entrances open in this way.  Beginning Sunday March 1 here is what you will find:

  • The West Entrance doors will remain open and unlocked throughout the morning. We believe that a church should have doors that are “open” to the world.
  • The Tower Entrance doors will also be open (this is the original entrance facing south on William Street).
  • The rest of the doors (North, Playground, and Ramp Entrances) will be locked. If you have a security card, your security card will open that door and allow you to access the building. 
  • If you are a member who does not yet have a security access card, but wishes one, simply contact the office.
  • During the 9:00 service, there will be a greeter at the Ramp Entrance to welcome worshippers into the building who do not have a security access card. 


We believe these changes, though subtle in nature, can bring significant improvement to our security.  We want to balance an openness to the community with smart practices when it comes to security and are grateful for your cooperation and flexibility.  If you ever wish to speak about these matters more, do not hesitate to let me know.  

 -Pastor Michael E. Karunas

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Ushers Needed

Ushers Needed

Are you interested in becoming an usher? Please contact the church office, 217-428-4336, or If you are a current  usher who either needs to change your schedule or are no longer       interested in ushering, please also contact the office, and talk to      Kathleen.


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