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New Worship Schedule

New Worship Schedule Beginning July 5

We are looking forward to in-person worship resuming again on July 5.  At this time, we want to share some important information about this latest change in our congregational life. 


First, we will have a new Sunday morning worship schedule. This will not    necessarily be a permanent change. We continue to live in an ever-changing world and are prepared to make changes accordingly. We trust in your          flexibility and understanding to allow us to make temporary changes as we go forward. One of the biggest changes is that we will have only one (1) traditional service in the sanctuary for the foreseeable future due to the need to clean the sanctuary properly. We are able to have contemporary and traditional worship every Sunday, due to their being in different spaces, just not two traditional services. However, 96% of those who responded to our survey said they want us to continue on-line worship. We will therefore have an on-line worship    experience for all services.


Beginning July 5

8:00 a.m.      Live-stream worship only

9:15 a.m.      In-person contemporary worship in the Great Hall (Facebook live as well)

10:30 a.m.    In-person traditional worship in the Sanctuary (live-stream as well)


In early August, we will re-evaluate how things are going and look at ways for offering an in-person 8:00 option, but beginning in this gradual way allows us to evaluate the broader possibilities going forward. Having said this, you are      not restricted to the service you usually attend. If you normally attend the 8:00 service, you are free to attend whatever service you choose – 9:15 or 10:30.


Second, you will notice that the contemporary worship is moving to 9:15 a.m.!  This allows our staff extra time between the 8:00 live-stream and the (now) 9:15 service to properly prepare. 


Third, we will publish the procedures that will be implemented once we come back to in-person activities next week. As you can imagine, these will include things like how to enter the building along with ensuring social distancing    within the building. These procedures will not necessarily be permanent but reflect our best attempt to live safely in this new and ever-changing reality. 


Finally, we recognize that many among us are fatigued by the restrictions placed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand, but we don’t want to forget that we are still living amid this pandemic. Our Decatur community has done a good job abiding by the guidelines given to us, and we hope and pray that our coming back to in-person activities -  in the way we are coming back to them – will continue this forward progress.      


Blessings… Michael

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