New Year New Heart virtual study guide

In addition to the weekly spiritual challenges we have offered at the close of every sermon of this “New Heart for a New Year” series, there is another way to connect with each Sunday’s theme.  As you know, the series is based on a Celtic prayer called “Lord of My Heart” and has 5 prayer petitions - Vision, Light, Wisdom, Courage, Trust.  The five pastors who collaborated on this series put together a Virtual Study Guide to go along with it. 


Below, you will find 5 videos and 5 discussion guides.  These videos are Zoom conversations with 5 Interesting Leaders in our Disciples of Christ denomination.  Each one is interviewed about their thoughts regarding one of the themes (Vision, Light, Wisdom, Courage, Trust).  Additionally, there is a link to some questions to consider, reflect on and journal about. 


Watch them on your own and use the questions as your own personal meditation time

Watch them in a small group (like your household) and consider sharing your answers to the questions with one another. 

But however you use this material, I hope it helps connect you to the themes of this sermon series.

 You can also click here for the complete set of discussion guides.

Week 1 Video:

Week 1 discussion guide: click here


Week 2 Video:

Week 2 discussion guide: click here


Week 3 Video:

Week 3 discussion guide: click here


Week 4 Video:

Week 4 discussion guide: click here


Week 5 Video:

Week 5 discussion guide: click here