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Back In Time Sermon Series

Summer at Central: Back in Time

During the summer months, we will be going “Back in Time” to the Old Testament!!  We will explore the earliest roots of our faith and examine how the basic building blocks of the story of salvation are still ones on which to build a spiritually strong life today.  During June, our focus will be The Five Promises of God.


June 16th - Promise #1: “God chooses Life over Death”, Michael E. Karunas

June 23rd - Promise #2: “God Guides and Provides”, Michael E. Karunas

June 30th - Promise #3: “God gives Confidence and Hope”, Michael E. Karunas

July 7th - Promise #4: “God values Closeness and Relationship”, Tina Miller

July 14th - Promise #5: “God Inspires”, Tina Miller

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Chalice Class This Week

Let's Discuss!

Title:  Species Diversity

Focus: A recent UN report states that more than one million species are in danger of    extinction. What are the reasons for this threat? What is the value of species diversity? As Christians, what is our responsibility to  preserve diversity in creation?

Next Week: Assisted Suicide

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