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2022 Annual Congregational Meeting

A congregational meeting is called for Sunday, December 4 at 11:45 p.m. in the Disciples Room.  We will: 1) approve the report of the Nominating Committee; and 2) the operating budget for 2023.  Copies are available in the office.

President: Kim Maple

Vice Presidents: Gerri Munos & Keith Backes

Secretary: Sandy Garver

Treasurer: Steve Swarthout

Trustees: Kevin Miller & Tom Ritter

Elders: Susan Bryant, Theresa Fulk, Janet Lyman, Suzie Miller, Brett Swallow, Cheryl Zollinger

Deacons: Ed Adams, Joy Adams, Carol Bischoff, Laurie Damery, Rod Damery, Jim Fitzpatrick, Debbie Hoffert, Angie Ingram, Ron Ingram, Laura Kappler, Louis Kappler, Gretchen Kirby, Mike Kirby, David Martin, Suzie Miller, Mike Munos, Ron Oliver, Hugh Rowden, Linda Rowden, Steve Swarthout, Patti Swinford, Troy Swinford, Randy Trei, David York

Deacons Emeritus: Al Fagin & Chris Fagin

Deacon Emeritus (Posthumous): Ed Acheson


Members of the Nominating Committee:

Charlotte Ballance, Marci Baumann, Carolyn McCall, Brett Swallow (ex officio), David Wagner, Kevin Wilmot

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