Thank You from Tina Miller

Dear Church,

THANK YOU! For the outpouring of love, prayers, kind words, and gifts extended to me during my tenure at Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and upon my resignation.

I have watched our church transform and grow into who we are today. It pleases my heart to know that God is doing a new thing at Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and I look forward to hearing great things about who you become in the years ahead.

I cannot properly express my gratitude for having been invited to share life with you. You have been a blessing to me and my family, and I pray I have contributed as much to your growth as you have to mine.


Tina Miller

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Fathers Day Hopes

I would like to wish all our fathers at Central a Happy Fathers Day (and hope all our fathers had a nice Fathers Day with their families).  I hope you fathers remember that no matter how old your children are, they need strong, loving, and present fathers.  And I wish you for you that it is well with you and your children these days.  But if by some chance it is not well, I sincerely pray this improves in the days and weeks to come.  And I also hope and pray that you feel loved.  We men don’t always talk about our feeling that well – or even give ourselves enough time to think about them well enough.  But we need to feel loved nonetheless.  We are loved by a loving God.  And I hope, in your own way, you feel that.   

For children of all ages, I hope that you were able to tell your father “Thank you” and “I love you” this weekend.  But if there is something that has come between you that has prevented you from being able to say those words, I sincerely hope that one day you might – for your sake as much as for his.  And if your father has   already passed on and is physically no longer with you, then allow me to say that I am sorry for your loss.  But also consider writing him a letter expressing your love and gratitude to him.  Even if it’s a letter you can never send.  The late and great basketball coach John Wooden outlived his beloved wife by 23 years.  As he neared his death he passed on a chest full of envelopes, bound together in bunches with rubber bands.  They represented 23 years of letters he had written to her after she passed.  About these  letters, he said to a friend, “I have nowhere to send them, but seemed to me important to write them.” 

And finally, I hope we  all find inspiration in these words spoken years ago at a funeral over which I presided for a father who was eulogized by his son.  During the service his son spoke these words about his father -  “My father was not a great man.  He was never famous or rich; never directed a multi-national bank or corporation; never led troops into battle; never elected to powerful political office; founded no great charities.  He was, however, something infinitely more important.  He was a good man.  He wasn’t famous, but everyone who knew him in our small town respected him and spoke well of him.  He wasn’t a military hero, but he did serve his country with courage and honor during World War II.  He never held powerful political offices, but he did serve on many boards in our community.  He founded no great charities, but he volunteered often and gave generously.  A great man may change the world and if he does, it will be from a distance.  But a good man walks among us.  We see him every day and it isn’t until he leaves us that we realize all he has given.” 

Blessings – Michael

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Thank You From Millikin University

Dear Central,

Thanks for all your help in preparing for the Holmes tribute on the weekend of May 28th.  It was a great event, and your flexibility in allowing us to take over your church to do what was needed was welcomed.

Gratefully, Jan Devore