Central presents PEACEMAKER AWARDS at Decatur Schools

(Peacemaker Award winners Tarvez Smith at Dennis and Rio Pilger at Stephen Decatur Middle School at the award ceremonies.)

“There is no way to peace; peace IS the way!” You can sense a certain awe among the students during the presentation as they absorb the fact that one of their own is being recognized for living the values of peacemaking. Unlike the other awards in academics, the arts, and sports, this award shows the students that their Decatur community also values speaking out and acting in ways to resolve conflict. Thank you, Central, for supporting the Peacemaker Award program.


The nine 2024 winners are: Irving Selvy, Jr. -- American Dreamers STEM Academy; Tarvez Smith -- Dennis Lab School; Rashaan Jackson -- Hope Academy; Sheldon Fluker -- Johns Hill Magnet School; Elliet Steele AND Eliana Seals -- Montessori Academy For Peace; Rio Pilger -- Stephen Decatur Middle School; A'zharien Perry -- Eisenhower High School; and Marshall Riggen -- MacArthur High School.


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Special Storytelling Mid-Week Worship Experience

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Gilead Church in Chicago is a Disciples of Christ-affiliated congregation that finds its identity in the art and practice of storytelling.  Led by pastor Rebecca Anderson (fellow alum from the University of Chicago’s Divinity School), their Sunday evening worship is comprised of two (2) first-person stories told by members of the congregation and one (1) told by one of the pastors (rooted in scripture).  This summer, they are taking their worship experience “on the road” and one of their stops will be Central.


On Wednesday June 26 at 7:00 p.m., the worship team from Gilead will be leading a worship service at Central in the Gilead-style.  And we are all invited to come and participate in a different kind of worship experience.  The Gilead team will provide all the music, the liturgy, the communion and the message.  Childcare will be provided.  The service will conclude by 8:00 p.m. but Rebecca (and co-Pastor Vince Amlin) will be available after worship to share more about the Gilead congregation and they ministries it is leading on the north side of Chicago.


For those that remember, Rebecca was our guest in November 2017 to lead a storytelling workshop and preach for us in worship.  And one of the last things we did before the Covid shutdown in 2020 was to host our own storytelling evening a Central.  Storytelling is a wonderful way of connecting people to God and to one another.  Wednesday June 26 will be a wonderful opportunity to experience something new!  


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Everyone Can Be a Hero!

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We are looking forward to the joy and excitement as children and adults gather for Hero Hotline VBS here at Central June 17-20. We will learn about some of the heroes of the faith through acting out Bible stories, creating crafts, playing games, doing science experiments and memorizing our scripture for the week.

We are asking everyone in the congregation to be a hero and join us in memorizing Romans 14:19 “So let’s strive for the things that bring peace and for the things that build each other up.”

One way we live out this scripture is by sharing our resources with others. Our VBS mission outreach this year is to God’s Shelter of Love.  You are invited to participate by making a donation and marking it “God’s Shelter of Love”.

Please keep the children and their families and our VBS leaders in your prayers that we may draw closer to one another and closer to God.


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