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OPEN 8PM- 8AM ON NIGHTS WHEN TEMPS DROP BELOW FREEZING. We are an overflow facility for when The Salvation Army is full. We are located in the Old Kings Orchard Community Center. We feed and shelter the homeless when temps are freezing. We are in dire need of volunteers to be present during the night for monitoring and making each guest adheres to rules. We will serve a hot meal upon arrival, and then each guest will sign in or fill paperwork. If you would like to volunteer or need more information, call Catina at 217-600-0808 or Sandy 217-413-0900. God Bless!

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Out of sight but not out of mind...

We have several young adults from our church who are away from home at school. Would you like to help the church keep in touch with them so they know they are still in our hearts? Please reach out to David Martin at  or Gretchen Kirby at if you would like to help with this ministry or have any questions.

Important News about The Visitor

Beginning the week of Monday, October 3, Central’s weekly newsletter – The Visitor – will be printed every other week. This will be true for both the online and the U.S.-mailed paper copies. This change is due to many factors. In the last five years – including the pandemic – our world has changed greatly, as has our staff configuration at the church. We are doing more and more communicating digitally and thus are able to send out information quicker, easier, and in a variety of ways. Since we first began the online option nearly 10 years ago, we have been sending out weekly digital as well as mail-out copies for those who wanted them. In the last several years, however, more people are converting from the paper copy to the digital one. Additionally, since the pandemic, there are many weeks when church staff is working harder to find content for a weekly newsletter. Mostly, however, this change will allow our office staff to work more effectively and efficiently in helping us carry out the ministries of the church.
That said, we are confident that this change will not affect anyone’s ability to be informed by whatever we communicate about what is happening within our faith family. To help ensure this is the case:
We are making this announcement now to provide sufficient time for everyone to prepare for the change;
We will continue printing and mailing a copy of the every-other-week newsletter to whomever wishes to receive one;
We will most likely send out brief updates through our email marketing service on the “off weeks” when The Visitor is not printed;
We will make sure two week’s-worth of calendar information is in every Visitor (and we may utilize the Sunday worship bulletins and Connect sheets in new ways);
Anyone who receives a mailed copy and feels they are not getting necessary information from the church can contact the church at any time.
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Seeking Hospital Visitors

Would you like to help Central Christian Church care for our members who are sick or injured?  We have a team of members who volunteer to call or visit our members who are hospitalized.  Each volunteer takes 1 day of the week (or more if desired) and volunteers to visit or call whoever is in the hospital on that day of the week (if there is anyone in the hospital that day).  Right now, we need people to call those hospitalized at St. Mary’s for 2 days of the week.  If you are interested in this vital ministry to care for our members, please contact either Sue Burkham or the church office at 217-428-4336.

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