Monday Women's Book Club Book List Fall 2022

2nd Monday Women’s Book Club (12:30 PM, Panera) is reading…
Sept. 12—Wish You Were Here by Jodi Piccoult
Oct. 10—Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson
Nov. 14—Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis
Dec. 12—The Christmas Promise by Richard Paul Evans
Tuesday evening group's book list coming soon!
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Preschool Updates: Classroom Volunteers

The Central Christian Preschool will be re-opening its doors on Tuesday, September 6.  After a two-year hiatus, we will begin this new version of the preschool by offering one 3’s class and one 4’s/5’s class.  According to the most recent update from our director, Melissa Miller, the 4’s/5’s has reached maximum enrollment and is entirely full!!  There are still openings in the 3’s class, but the preschool will be opening with over 20 students!  We are excited about welcoming these families and students into the Central community.  Whether they are members of Central or have faith communities elsewhere, we want them to feel at “home” every time they are here. 


The preschool board is comprised of 7 church members and 2 parents.  Due to the fact that neither our director nor anyone else on our board has gotten to know any of the parents very well, we will start the year without the 2 parent representatives.  We will seek to add them sometime during the coming months.  The rest of the preschool board is configured as follows (dates indicate when their term of service ends): Mike Munos, president (2023), Gretchen Kirby, secretary (2024), Julia Zmucki, treasurer (2025), Debbie Hoffert, volunteer liaison (2024), Ellen Damery (2025), David King, property liaison (2024 or 2025), and Carrie Funk (2024) . 


As volunteer liaison between the preschool and the congregation, Debbie Hoffert will be sharing periodically ways for members to be involved in the hands-on support of the preschool.  Here is one such volunteer opportunity:


The Preschool Board is really excited about the reopening of Central’s Preschool on September 6th.  We are starting with two classes.  Our new Director, Melissa Miller, would like to have a volunteer from the church in each class during the first two weeks of school.  After that, she will welcome parent volunteers. Volunteers are needed from 8:30 to 11:30 on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday in the three-year-old class and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday in the four-year-old class.  You may choose to volunteer one day, two days or all days.


Also, a Family Fun Night is scheduled for September 28th and three greeters are needed to assist / direct parents from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. If you are interested in helping, please contact Debbie Hoffert.


Blessings – Michael


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Why youth group is important to me. -David Martin

As we get ready for the new school year, I have been reflecting on my time as part of the Central youth group. I have been a part of the youth group for over half of my life. Seven years as a youth participant, three years as a volunteer, and I am starting my seventh year as the youth director. It is safe to say that the youth program at Central has had a significant impact on my life. First and   foremost, my faith has grown and been shaped through my experiences and opportunities as a part of youth group. Growing up with a dad who worked at the church and a mom who was involved in seemingly everything, I never felt like my faith was truly a part of me. I would go to the youth events and I would have a good time hanging out with friends, but I never thought of my faith as a part of me. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized how much my life had been shaped through my time in youth group. The people I chose to surround myself with shared my core beliefs that I realized were shaped in my time at Central. While I may not have realized what was happening at the time, the more I look back, the more I see the ways that Central and the youth group    impacted my life.

The second way that this program has had a positive impact on my life is through the relationships I have built through the years. The two closest friendships that I have both started at Central. Through all my years at school and baseball teams that I have played on, these two friendships have been    constants. I also value the relationships that I have built all around the state through the regional youth events like camp, Summit, and Midwinter. It is very comforting to know that no matter where we go, or what events we are at, I know that there are people that care for me and the youth at Central and are always willing to help. Whether it is a call/text or a visit, there are leaders that have helped me grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. That is such a blessing because I know that these same people that have supported me are excited to be a support system for all of the youth in our group.

It is really important to me that the youth at Central are provided a place where they can feel comfortable to learn, grow, and develop relationships along their faith journey. We have been blessed by youth leaders, church staff, and a congregation that share that same goal and are always there to help our youth. With all of that said, we are all excited for this upcoming year!

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2nd Monday Good Samaritan Volunteering

The second Monday of each month, volunteers from CCC help prepare and serve lunch at Good Samaritan Inn.  Shifts to work are 9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m. to prepare and 11:30a.m. - 1:30p.m. to serve (standing for 2 hrs). It's very rewarding work and much appreciated.  If this appeals  to you and you have the time to give, call or text Judy Ford or contact the church office.

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