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Faith Quest 2023 Underway

Three (3) youth are currently taking the Faith Quest class that prepares them for a confession of faith and baptism! They are Parker Witts (David York), Veda Redden (Ashley Swallow), and Gabbi Morelli (Gretchen Kirby). Their Faith Companions are listed in parentheses.



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Lent 2023 Small Groups

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For the six (6) weeks of Lent (week of February 26 – week of April 2), we are inviting everyone in the church to join a small group.  The groups will meet once a week (for 1 hour) and will cover the small group curriculum based on the sermon series “MORE: the Benefits of a Christian Life.”  The curriculum follows the Sunday scripture and worship theme, and will include:

  • A “starter question” related to the theme and meant to get everyone in the spirit of sharing.
  • A bible passage and 4-5 questions about it designed to help “dig deeper” into the text.
  • A “life application” challenge or invitation to carry into the week.

Every small group participants will be given a workbook on the first meeting of their group.  Here are the small groups days, times and leaders...


Sundays (9:15 a.m.) - Brian & Kim Maple and George & Linda Virgil - Rm. 340 (first meeting: 2/26)

Tuesdays (7:00 a.m.) - Jim Fitzpatrick - Café (first meeting: 2/28)

Wednesdays (6:00 p.m.) - Lucy Acheson - ZOOM (first meeting: 2/28)

Tuesdays (6:00 p.m.) - Gretchen Kirby - 412 (first meeting: 2/28)

Thursdays (4:15 p.m.) - Pastor Michael - Cafe (first meeting: 2/30)

Sundays (8:30 p.m.) - Pastor Vicky - ZOOM (first meeting: TBA) - This group is geared towards families with small children.

Look for sign-up sheets to come soon!

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Human Trafficking - What to Know

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People are not for sale.  Help us stop this tragedy today.  Dorcas Disciples of Central Christian Church will host this important event on March 21, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. in the Great Hall.

Presenter Sara Sefried is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Truckers Against Trafficking.  Sara is a nationally recognized speaker who educates leaders and organizations about the realities of human trafficking so they can be activated to make real change in their communities.  A reception will follow the program with free-will donations for Truckers Against Trafficking accepted.  RSVP by 3/17/23 to 217-428-4336 or .

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Lent and Ash Wednesday 2023

Lent is a six-week season in the church year that precedes Easter.  Its name comes from a medieval term that refers to the “lengthening” of days which  occurs in the springtime.  Lent is a time to focus on our spiritual growth; to  consider what it means to follow Jesus to the cross of his crucifixion.  Just like Christmas has the season of Advent before it which helps us prepare for Christ’s birth, so does Easter have the season of Lent to help us prepare for Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection.  Lent always begins with Ash Wednesday (February 22 this year) and concludes with Holy Week, which itself begins with Palm Sunday (April 2), continues with Maundy Thursday, when   Jesus held the Last Supper with his disciples (April 6), and culminates with Easter Sunday (April 9).


For Ash Wednesday, we will offer two (2) services12:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.  At both services, we will impose ashes (on the back of the hand or the forehead) for anyone who wishes to receive them.  We will also have communion.  The only difference between the noon and evening services is that we will have music and singing during the 5:30 service but not at noon.  Both services are in-person only.  However, we will also offer “drive thru” ashes and a Lenten prayer between 12:30-12:45 for those who would find that option more appealing.   Simply line up in the West Entrance driveway.  As soon as Pastor Vicky and I are done with the 12:00 service, we will meet you under the West Entrance canopy.


Our worship services during Lent will be based on a series called “MORE (the Benefits of a Christian Life).” In a world full of options, why choose Christ?  With so much pessimism and cynicism all around us, is there a reason to be hopeful?  With countless examples of division and discord, can faith in Christ really make a difference?  Over the next six weeks, answering these questions will be our focus at Central in a sermon series called “MORE: the Benefits of a Christian Life.”  Each week, we will assert how making the choice to believe and have faith is not only beneficial to us, individually, but to the world through us.  Pastor Michael will preach each of the sermons in this series.


February 26 Benefit #1 – Hope of Salvation John 11:1-6, 17-26

God can make a way where there seems to be no way.

March 5 Benefit #2 – Peace Matthew 11:28-30

You are not alone in your struggle.

March 12 Benefit #3 – Freedom Romans 4:1-5

I am loved for who I am and not for what I produce or accomplish.

March 19 Benefit #4 - Community I Corinthians 12:24b-26

The friends we have in faith are the best friends we could have.

March 26 Benefit #5 - Purpose Matthew 4:18-22

I get to be part of meaningful work that brings people together.

April 2 Benefit #6 - Mission Matthew 25:31-40

My life will always have meaning.

April 9 Benefit #7 – Easter

Enough said!

Blessings – Michael

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