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New Sermon Series – Unsung Heroes

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During worship since Easter, we have spent time in the Book of Acts, learning how the  early followers of Jesus built the church with their words, but even more so with their    actions!  If we have focused on any particular followers of Jesus, it has been the more well-known ones – especially Peter and John (two of the  original 12 disciples).  Yet, even though they might have been some of the early leaders in building the church in Jesus’ name, they didn’t do it alone.  There were plenty of unsung heroes along the way.  As we usher in the official start of summer with the Memorial Day weekend, we begin a new sermon series that will carry us through the month of June.  We’ll stay in the Book of Acts and  explore how the church was built by Unsung Heroes.  


The kingdom is built not by the mighty acts of a few,

but by the everyday acts of the many


May 26              “It’s All Greek to Me”                                             Acts 6:1-7

                           Heroes serve quietly and without fanfare  

June 2               “We All Need Someone to Lean On”                    Acts 9:10-19

                           Heroes offer a helping hand

June 9                “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”                      Acts 10 (selections)

                           Heroes are willing to changed / be changed 

June 16              “There’s a Knock at the Door”                             Acts 12:12-19

                           Heroes provide the space where change can happen

June 23              “Stuck in the Middle with You”                             Acts 15

                           Heroes are willing to compromise for the greater good

June 30               “Like a Boss!”                                                     Acts 16:11-15

                            Heroes use their Influence for Good


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