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News from the Preschool


As most of you know, our preschool opened in 1965 and has been educating and nurturing young children in our community ever since! Unfortunately, in the spring of 2020, the school closed due to challenges with COVID-19. However, over the last few months, I, along with the preschool board members, have been working hard to explore the possibility of reopening our wonderful preschool. During this time we have been able to get approval from the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services to reopen in the Fall of 2022. We have some promising leads on teachers and staff members and are excited to begin the process of registering students in the new year.   


I am honored to help reopen the school. As a parent and an educator, I can say first-hand that Central Christian Preschool provides students with an amazing foundation for the rest of their lives. Students get to play and explore but they also learn about God's love, kindness and being a good citizen - which I believe is equally important to academic learning! Our church has always been tremendously supportive of our preschool in many different ways. So today we ask for your prayers and thank you for your continual support. We look forward to working together to help guide children on their life-long journey of growth and discovery.  


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