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"I Have a Dream" sermon series 2024

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2024 is officially upon us and there are several things we know are going to be true this year.  For instance, 2024 is a leap-year which means we will all get an extra 24 hours to spend toward the beginning of the year!  Of course, 2024 will also include another presidential election, which means there will be no shortage of dramatic activity taking place toward the end of the year.  And undoubtedly, there will be things happening for us personally and individually, that many (if not all) others will never know about.  We will all be another year older in 2024.  Married couples will celebrate another anniversary in 2024.  Sometime in 2024, you may be living in a new location, working in a new job, holding a new child or grandchild, recovering from surgery or returning home from a trip abroad.  And maybe… all those things are already on your radar.  Maybe you know they will be taking place before we welcome in 2025.

If the past is any indication of the future, then there are other things that we also know will be true in 2024.  We can be pretty sure that at least a few things will not go as planned; that we will face some yet-unknown challenges; that we will make a mistake and get into an unfortunate situation because of our own doing; that we will experience a set-back not of our own doing; and that we will face a difficult decision not yet on the radar.  Yet as people of faith, we believe there is hope in all things – seen and unseen, through past, present and future.  

As be begin this new year, our theme at Central will be “I Have a Dream.”  For the next five weeks, we will look at five different people in scripture who dreamed dreams or saw a vision.  Dreams are ways God communicates important messages to people in the bible.  Yet, those messages were never meant for that person alone, but rather for the community as a whole.  And dreams always contain an element of hope and possibility.  What is communicated by God in dreams is always possible for us to experience and is meant to inspire hope in the ones who receive it.  Join us for worship, in person or online, as we seek to provide some necessary spiritual support as we all begin our journey through 2024 – whether we know what is coming or not.  


January 14                 Jacob’s Dream          Genesis 28:10-17         Pastor Michael

                                   Forgiveness: We will all make mistakes, but God responds with forgiveness 


January 21                 Joseph ‘s Dream        Genesis37:9-11           Pastor Michael

                                   Guidance: We may experience doubt, but God’s plans include us


January 28                 Daniel’s Dream           Daniel 7:1-8                Pastor Michael

                                   Courage: We will face adversity, but God will lead us through it


February 4                  Anna’s Vision              Luke 2:36-38              Pastor Vicky

                                   Potential: Whatever our circumstance, there is always more than meets the eye


February 11                Solomon’s Dream        I Kings 3:5-15             Pastor Michael

                                    Integrity and Character: We will all have an opportunity to live for God in 2024

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