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Preaching and Worship in 2023

In early October, I will be taking a few days of private study to plan worship themes for the entire 2023 year!  Currently, we plan worship themes about 2-3 months in advance, but I’ve always wanted to be more advanced and organized in planning the overall shape of worship.  So I’m very much looking forward to this opportunity to get away and think of little else but this.  The context is a workshop that is being led by two pastors in our region.  I will be one of a dozen participants.  From what I gather, each of us will plan for the upcoming year in a way that is unique to our own ministry situation and thus different from everyone else’s. 


As I prepare for this event – and this planning – I want to invite you to be part of it along with me.  Below, you will see several questions.  When I attend the workshop a month from now, I will be prepared to incorporate answers to these questions in my preaching and worship planning for 2023.  So, I would truly love to have as many of you as possible answer these questions and send me your responses ( ).  Write as much or as little as you would like.  I cannot promise I will preach exactly what you wish to hear in 2023, but I can promise I will read everything you share with me and consider it a worthy gift.  Should you share anything personal, I will protect your confidentiality or will consult you first before mentioning anything specific. 


What is it about our congregation that you appreciate most?


What do you think our congregation (and Decatur community) is most anxious about?


What big life events will you be observing in 2023 (e.g. milestones, significant changes, anniversaries)? 


If I, Michael, were to preach on a topic in 2023 that would inspire you to invite a friend to worship, what would it be? 


What is one (1) question you wish you could ask God right now?


What is one (1) book of the bible you would like to know more about ?


What is one part of your life you are struggling with?


Blessings – Michael

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