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Something to Think About

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Our theme in worship this past Sunday was “encouragement.”  Before worship, we asked everyone – at each service – to complete the sentence “I was encouraged in my faith when…”  We then read some of the at the beginning and the end of that service’s sermon. Here is a collection of some the responses submitted from all three services.  May something in the way others have been encouraged in their faith be an encouragement to you in yours.

I was encouraged in my faith when:

  • I found open-heart surgery was necessary and I realized I could at least give God one hour a week after all he’d done for me.
  • I found this church after being away from a church for many years.
  • I was in the hospital.
  • My grandmother told me so many times how important it is to have God in your life.
  • My husband passed away and I was comforted in my grief.
  • The campers at Camp Walter Scott were so positive, helpful and kind to each other.
  • I remember the prayers my father taught me.
  • I lost a dear friend and was made aware that all would be okay and God was in control.
  • I volunteer at Good Samaritan Inn.
  • My wife passed away and my faith got me through.
  • I had cancer.
  • God led me through an extremely difficult situation at work where my job was on the line.
  • Even on the worst day, I could smile because I knew Jesus was with me.
  • I hear hymns of praise.
  • I pray for a concern and God provides a solution.
  • I receive a hug from someone.
  • I started listening to God.
  • Other prayed for me during radiation.
  • The signs around me show me God is with me no matter what I am going through.  
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