Making the Visitor and Bulletin Accessible

Do you know someone who has visual impairment who might enjoy the Visitor or our bulletin? We may be able to help! We can send out an email with plain text of the Visitor and bulletin to them. Have them contact the office at 217-428-4336 or email .

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Nursery Workers and Volunteers Needed!

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We currently have openings for two nursery staff members and for two volunteers to help out in the nursery area.  If you love working with young children and feel you have a calling to help impact these little one’s for Christ, please reach out to Pastor Vicky!  She’d love to speak with you about the program and how you might best help the team!


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Update #2 from Pastor Michael

Greetings all!  I’m back in Decatur as the ninth week of the sabbatical reaches its mid-way point.  I continue to enjoy my weekly online class centered on spiritual and emotional development.  It has proven to be a true highlight of my time away from Central, as have my monthly counseling sessions.  Last week at this time, I spent several days at Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky.  It is located about one hour south of Louisville (close enough to be near Louisville, but far enough away to know you are nowhere near Louisville). Founded in 1848, it belongs to the Trappist (Cistercian) order, which dates back to the year 1098.  It’s monks are committed to silence, worship, study and work.  Today the monks worship seven times a day (between the hours of 3:15 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.).  I worshiped with them (from the balcony) at all but the 3:15 a.m. time (I am an early riser, just not that early a riser).  With about 25 other retreatants, I spent the days in silence and did a lot of hiking and journaling. Otherwise, I continue to memorize some of the Psalms. I am currently up to 22 and enjoy reciting them from memory every day on my walks with the dogs.  I have done a lot of reading, with the following being some of my favorites – “Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals” (Burkeman), “Good Enough” (Bowler and Richie) and “Be the Bridge” (Morrison).  Next week, I will spend some time at our family cottage in northern MI and then I’ll back in Decatur, preparing to see you all on August 6.  As always, I give thanks to God for you and remember your kindness and generosity in my prayers. 




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A Message from Pastor Michael

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Greetings church family.  Today marks the literal half-way point of the sabbatical that  I began following worship on Mother’s Day a little over a month ago. 


Currently, I am blessed to be spending a week on Lake Tahoe with Amy.  Every day we have enjoyed hiking in the mountains or along the water, reading books, and spending lots of time in conversation. It has been enriching to feel our connection with each other grow ever-stronger. 


Thus far over the first half of the sabbatical, I have enjoyed my weekly online class which focuses on spiritual, emotional and personal growth.  The weekly class has not only been a blessing, but the assignments we have been given to practice throughout the week have been likewise rewarding.


I have also been working on a project of memorizing some of the most popular Psalms.  As you know, memorizing scripture is something I have long enjoyed doing and this has been a spiritually-enriching discipline for me to have undertaken.  I look forward to sharing more about this with you when I return. 


Upon returning to Decatur, I will have a few days of rest before spending a week at the Gethsemane Abbey in Kentucky. 


Every day of this sabbatical – when I have not be in transit – I have devoted much early morning time to my own personal prayer and devotion.  In every one of those prayer-times I give thanks for you. 


This sabbatical has already been such a blessing for me – and I believe also for my family.  I am humbled and honored your generosity which has made it possible.  And I do not want a day to go by when I do not share with our Lord how grateful I am for what that has meant in my life.


Thank you!  I look forward to these next 42 days and then to seeing you on August 6.


- Pastor Michael

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