Nursery Workers and Volunteers Needed!

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We currently have openings for two nursery staff members and for two volunteers to help out in the nursery area.  If you love working with young children and feel you have a calling to help impact these little one’s for Christ, please reach out to Pastor Vicky!  She’d love to speak with you about the program and how you might best help the team!


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Drivers Wanted

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, we naturally suspended our program of offering rides to Sunday worship. But two years later, we have people who would like to come to worship but are unable to do so due to age, health, and/or some combination of the two.  If you are willing to be a volunteer who brings someone to and from worship (on either a regular or periodic basis), we would love to know who you are.  Please contact the church office and let us know.  You would need only to:

  • Tell us which service you prefer to attend, and we would match you up with someone who would like to attend that service.
  • Provide us a copy of your driver’s license and proof of personal auto insurance.

Many thanks for considering.  The people who want to come to worship but are unable to, really want to come, and this will no doubt be a blessing to them.

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How to use Central's text number to give or sign up for events

How to “Text to Give” vs. Texting for Forms/Registrations/Event Sign Ups/Etc.

Hi everyone!

I’ve had some questions about using our text number service, so I thought I’d do a quick “how to” for some  clarification.

-Kathleen :)


Our Text Number for

Giving and Forms:



“Text to Give”

The First Time– Text GIVE to the number above– only GIVE (all caps)! You will then receive a link where you can set up your online giving  account (or sign in with your text number, if you’ve already set up an online account). You can then tell it what you want to give and when.

Every time after that– You can text GIVE XX (where XX is the amount of money you wish to give). No need to set up the account again.


Receiving a Form via Text/Event

Sign-Ups/Prayer Requests/Visitor Forms/Etc.

Look for the word promoted for the event or form.  For example, our prayer request form’s word is PRAY. The Visitor form’s word is VISITOR. (These words are case-sensitive, and we try to choose words with all caps.)  Text only the word we promote for the event or form (nothing else!) to our text number above. When you send this word to the text number, it sends you a link to the form for the event/ prayer request/ registration/etc., where you can fill in the information needed. If you text any additional words, the system gets confused and it will send you the Giving form instead.


Hope this helps! Have a great week!

-Kathleen :)

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Reminder: Hospitalizations

When you enter any hospital, please phone the church so that ministers and elders can pray for you and visit you.  Regulations to protect your privacy as a patient prohibit hospitals from notifying your pastors as they previously did.  For the hospital to release this information requires your specific permission, and often your permission is never even requested, especially if you enter the hospital through the Emergency Room.  Any time you are in the hospital more than forty-eight hours and no one from Central has been in contact with you, you may be sure that the church does not know you are hospitalized.  Help us provide good pastoral care!


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